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Welcome to Fintech Referrals. My name is Thaddeus McCarthy, and I'm a Retail Trader and Investor from Wellington, NZ. I have been trading the markets since 2006. I am passionate about researching products, companies and stocks. To reduce risk, I trade through a number of brokers, and invest across different markets and sectors.

The purpose of this website is to provide easy access to a few of the investment platforms that I use. 

My role is not to provide financial advice, but to provide easy access to some great trading and investing software. I only work with companies who offer double-sided Referral Programs; so we will both get paid when you sign up! Any thoughts that I do share through my blog should not be intended as financial advice.


Hatch is great for making short or long-term investments. The typical $3 brokerage charges are among the lowest in the NZ brokerage industry. They are perfect for making small to medium-sized investments on the US Stock Exchanges.. Your address and bank accounts will need to be verified, please follow their instructions.

Sharesies is really good for making small or medium-sized investments on the NZ or Australian Stock Exchanges. Their fees are 0.5% up to $3,000; and 0.1% $3,001 and above. To open an account, please follow their instructions.

CMC Markets is a CFD derivative trading platform, that allows you to trade everything from Indices and Forex, to Futures and Options. You can easily trade Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Please follow their instructions to open an account.

Simply click on the logos!

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